About Gareth Hughes

One of the main things my clients say to me is ‘Gareth, how did I not see that ?’ The answer is simple really, you are too busy doing a good job! Too busy dealing with customers, suppliers, team members and generally working hard. My role as a coach is to get you out of the business and help you look at things from a different perspective, we focus on strategy, tactics and planning to ensure you not only do a good job ‘IN’ the business but you also do a great job working ‘ON’ your business.

Who is Gareth? I thrive off being a transformational business coach – I transform the business owner; not just their businesses! I do this by unlocking untapped potential within the business owner and their team. My passion is growing businesses through educating and developing people. I can’t think of anything more satisfying than seeing people fulfil their true potential.
So What?? I am yet to come across a single business leader or owner, who does not struggle with Time, Team or Money issues in their personal or business life… As my client, you’ll benefit from proven methodology which has worked for tens of thousands of businesses across the world:

✓ Creating clarity on what the business looks like in the near and long term

✓ Developing systems, processes and ways for the owner to work fewer hours

✓ Building a stronger and more reliable team to run the business

✓ Driving profitability with 283 proven strategies

✓ …and celebrating success together!!

Gareth’s Approach Building of years of experience in the Armed Forces I am going to be the professional critical friend you deserve in your business. Think of me as an additional board member, a board member who will be there to support and challenge you; whilst you retain full control of your business. I will be there to stretch your limits; but most of all I will be:

✓ Challenging: I am going to be tough with you and hold you to account, I expect the same from you towards me! I am going to have the hard conversations with you and ask the difficult questions.

✓ Transformational: I am going to stretch your thinking; your business and your goals. Not only will your mindset change, but you will have the tools to apply this change in your business and your life.

✓ Fun: I enjoy what I do and seeing others succeed. It’s great to partner and stay in business with people you enjoy being around. Fun comes from the top, so a coaching journey always has to be underpinned by a sense of fun and fulfilment.

My Guarantee to YOU at ActionCOACH, we believe a ‘real business’ is a commercial, profitable enterprise that can work without you, the owner! So you can live your life on your own terms. We see the majority of business owners burning themselves out by working IN the business instead of ON the business.
There is clearly no overnight success formula here but our experience proves when a business owner partners with our system and team, their sustained efforts in the right direction produce massive results for real businesses and real people… in fact, we’re the only business growth company we know who will guarantee a Return on Investment for our clients inside 6 months – feel free to ask me about Ts and Cs.

As a business owner, the chances are you went into that business because you were good at delivering that product or service. What I find in my coaching sessions with local business owners is that it doesn’t necessarily mean you are as good at getting the best out of your team or know the hundreds of strategies that can increase the profits in your business. It doesn’t mean you have access to the systems that allow your business to work without you. It doesn’t mean you know how to increase the asset value of your business. There is no short cut to success. To learn all of the strategies of business growth takes decades of study. I have access to the best business growth system in the world through ActionCOACH and can short cut your business education process to 3-5 years. With me, you will maximise the profits and value of your business. We know our methodology works, but it does require participation from you as well.
What can I expect from Coaching with Gareth? Thousands of Action clients have enjoyed transformations in the profitability of their businesses and the quality of their lives through investing in coaching. We start the journey by jointly undertaking a full analysis of your business and turning your aspirations into goals. I will then be your guide along the path of learning, building strategies and most importantly taking decisive ACTION to achieve your goals… The pace of growth will be in proportion to how much quality time you put into the process. As with most things in life you only get out what you put in! As we celebrate the achievement of goals along the way, we then set higher goals and continue along the path for as far as you wish to travel. Testimonials from some of our clients:

“The focused time it provides me away from my business to prioritise what matters rather than running around like a headless chicken all the time not getting anywhere!” – Clare Cartwright – Acorn Support

“My Action Coach is a fantastic ActionCOACH. He has quickly gained a deep understanding of our business and pushes me to develop myself and my business to provide a better quality of life, holding me accountable for all of the goals I set.” – Dotty About Paper

Making us question what we do, test and measure everything we can and make us think like businessmen. This has helped to boost sales and profit margins. Rob Chadderton – Chadstone Accountancy and Tax Ltd

Next Steps Right now, you’re likely to be in one of the following categories:

A. “I know this and I can do it myself” – Our best wishes to your success.

B. “I need help but want to know more” – Book a complimentary session with me to see if coaching is for you. It’s not for everybody and that’s ok, and we need to make sure we are a good fit for each other.

C. “I can’t wait to get started!” – Reach out to me at garethhughes@actioncoach.com

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