1 billion people use Instagram every single month, so if you’re not using Instagram to market your business, you could be missing out on a huge audience for your business. With users spending an average of 28 minutes per day on Instagram, and 200 million users checking a business profile at least once a day, your content could be reaching so many new people.

Whether you are just setting up your profile or you have been using Instagram for years, have a read of our tips to help grow your business on Instagram.

Be consistent

Consistency is key. Instagram likes to see you post regularly and will therefore show your posts to more people if you continue to be consistent. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to post every single day either, you just need to set a posting schedule and stick to it (eg. Post one image on your profile every 2 days).

By being consistent, this will mean you will have a better chance of beating the algorithm as your posts will be shown to a higher amount of people.


 Instagram is a SOCIAL platform, so make sure you are being social! Find accounts with similar interests to you and follow them, making sure to like their photos, comment on photos with meaning and interact with other business owners like you. The more interaction you have on your own posts will increase the amount of people that post reaches, so it really is important to be encouraging interaction on your page.


Following on from our previous point.. there is a wide range of communities on Instagram that are brilliant to be a part of. Not only is it good for networking, but these accounts will support you and introduce your company to their followers too.

High Quality Images

Instagram is well known for being aesthetically pleasing and the standard of content has definitely risen over the past few years. Make sure you are posting content you are proud of, not something you have just thrown together. This means spending time creating content to share and making sure your images are the best quality.

Create your brand

As well as being consistent in when you post, you also need to be consistent in what you post. Make sure all of your branding has the same colours, typography and style. This helps people identify that they are your posts and they will start to relate that style to your page. Have a clear logo as your profile picture and design your story highlights with matching covers.

Use Instagram Stories

A staggering 500 million people use Instagram stories every single day. Since launching 3 years ago, stories have become a huge part in how people use Instagram. Use Instagram stories to give your followers more spontaneous content, such as behind the scenes, videos of you talking, any user generated content you may be tagged in. This really helps to reach even more people and increase that important brand awareness. Save all of your story content to separated highlights on your main profile so people who visit your profile can also view your stories.

Add Value

Give people a reason to follow you and keep coming back. This could be anything from free content, to video tutorials or an introduction behind the scenes of your company. This really makes your business stand out from the crowd and makes people remember you.


 Hashtags are a brilliant way for new accounts to find you. It is important to also test the hashtags you are using, but the insights section on your business page can help you see how many people your hashtags are reaching. You want to use a mixture of popular hashtags, along with some of the more niche hashtags with a smaller amount of uses. Separate your hashtags from your captions and aim for around 25-30 hashtags on each post. Make sure they are relevant to what your content is, as well as some more general ones you think your target audience would search.

Tell a story

 People buy from people, so make sure you are giving people a story they can relate to. This could be in your captions or how you use your stories. It could also be in how you interact with people or ask for engagement, start a conversation!

Be Patient

Finally, be patient with it! Your profile will not grow overnight on Instagram (unless you’re Jennifer Aniston, of course!) but if you keep being consistent and post amazing content, you will see results and your business will grow on Instagram.

We do hope these tips have been useful and you can implement them into your own business.