One of the many attractions of running our own business is no longer being accountable to someone. We decide the ‘when-where-and-how’ detail and Captain the ship the way we want. Yet, sailing our ship solo can at times be isolating and overwhelming. We miss the comradery of our fellow workers and the bigger-picture thinking that comes with it.

When we work in isolation, we are wholly dependent on our own perspective and motivations. Many benefits come with this, but also downsides. So how can business coaching support the downside?

Ironically, accountability is one of the greatest benefits of working with a business coach.

But this time it’s different.
We aren’t holding ourself accountable to a boss. We are holding ourself accountable to OURSELF!

A business coach will work in partnership with you, clarifying your business goals; walking the walk with you. They will support and challenge you; refining strategies with you as you work towards your goals – ensuring you maximise your skills and energies. They will support you and hold you accountable to goals and time-frames that YOU set.

While all this is underway with your coach, they are also working with other businesses doing the same – and so bringing in a flow of business experience, guidance and intuition that is lent to your venture.

It’s like the ‘business board’ you can’t afford.

In summary, a business coach can support you in these areas:

holding you accountable to getting things done and achieving goals/deadlines
creating strategy and structure
creating productive and intelligent habits
finding creative solutions
fixing & supporting your motivation for the week and challenges ahead
bringing experience and business insight to your practice

And the end game?

Success – achieved ‘in flow ‘ rather than against the flow.
It’s not about working harder, longer.
It’s about working smarter.

Those that don’t hold themselves accountable mostly fail. You can’t run a successful business without discipline and strategy.

So while you might still bristle at the idea of being accountable to anyone – you at least need to be accountable to yourself, your business and your family lifestyle goals.

A business coach will make the difference here.

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