I don’t need a coach. But then, neither does Tiger Woods, right?

I get it.  You’ve got a great business.  Making profit.  Got a good team.  But the question I want you to ask yourself is…

Is this as good as it gets?

The interesting thing is, you aren’t alone.  I see this all the time.  Maybe you’re feeling like this because you’re the first in, last out?  You’re on speed dial for your team and your clients.  Or maybe, that great cash flow just isn’t as predictable as you might like it.  Chances are, there are other things as well.  Perhaps you haven’t mentioned them yet to anyone.  I’m here to say: I understand.

This is where I come in – to help you reach your full potential; not just enabling you to ‘do your job’, but to actually take your business from GREAT to PHENOMENAL. As a business coach with over 15 years experience in coaching and leading teams, we can help you make your business thrive and work without you. Now wouldn’t that be nice? As an ActionCOACH Partner, we have access to tried and tested strategies, grass root tactics, templates and methodology that have already worked for 1000s of SME businesses around the UK and Globally. In the page that follow you’ll find all the information, you’ll need to join 1000s of other successful business owners who now have a coach. Alternatively just call, email or arrange a meeting now and take the first step, it doesn’t cost you anything to ask HOW?

I love helping business owners in the West Midlands grow their team, grow their company and grow themselves.  Through a variety of business coaching programs I offer businesses in Shropshire and beyond the ability to go to the next level.

Every great sport’s team has a great coach; why should it be any different for every great business?

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My #1 focus is creating 200 raving fans of ActionCOACH in the West Midlands

I believe in CO-OPETITION, not competition! By focussing on YOU and YOUR business, together we can make sure your dreams and goals are achieved and you have the life and business YOU deserve!

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REAL people, REAL results!

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